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AS EASY AS RIDING A BIKE | Trans-form Speaker Series July 11, 2014

St. Ann's Academy Auditorium Friday, July 11th, 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Everyone welcome!

In the first Trans-form speakers series, Chris and Melissa Bruntlett present a fresh perspective on cycling by highlighting the everyday act of pleasurable (and sustainable) mobility. Utility over speed, street clothes rather than lycra. 

Chris and Melissa will present how city riding can be simple, styling and fun. Chris is the producer of the award-winning #CycleChicFilms, you may have heard about them? They are fantastic! This video story about Gord and Len is one of my personal favourites. Enjoy and be prepared to be wowed!

Back in January we had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa for our "In Conversation with" series; a blog series of interviews with interesting people who ride bikes. Check out the article here.

July 11th is your opportunity to meet Melissa and Chris up close and personal. We'll all be at the St. Ann's Academy Auditorium Friday, July 11th, 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Your's truly and Olena Russell will be the opening act, we'll be sharing our Top 20 Cycling Myths about Riding a Bicycle. Here is a sneak peek and not to be missed.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Bruntlett

"I am no more an avid cyclist than I am an avid walker or avid eater. I am someone who often uses a bicycle, simply because it is the most civilized, efficient, enjoyable, and economical way to get around my city."  Chris Bruntlett

Melissa blogs about their experiences at Modacity. Melissa began a blog titled Velo Family Diaries, that set out to chronicle her daily adventure with their two children on bikes. It quickly garnered a following. The success of her story-telling has led to several nominations in the female blogging community, guest posts on environmental and other female powered blogs, as well as becoming a regular contributor for Momentum Magazine and a feature in our very own Vélo Joy Blog.

Join us on Friday, July 11th, 7:00pm to 9:00pm, St. Ann's Academy Auditorium, 835 Humboldt St. Victoria. Bring your bike! Bike parking available. 

Brought to you by the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition & the Capital Region District, with the support and participation of Le Vélo Victoria.


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