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Car Free Day - Popup in the City


Car Free Day
We'll be at Car Free Day on June 19th. Come celebrate the community that comes with carless streets. Join your neighbours, friends and strangers at this 2nd annual event where the people take to the streets!
Find our booth, we'll be with our denim partners from Dish & DU/ER. We're giving away a $25 Gift certificate during the Car Free Day Event. Our partners will be offering up 1 pair of Dish jeans (women's line) and 1 pair of our DU/ER jeans (men's line).
If you're not familiar with our denim line all I can tell you is that they are the most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever worn. They look amazing but feel like you're wearing leggings, read, super stretch and comfy. They'll become your new best friend. Check the reviews we've received on our jeans

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