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Birkdale Leather Pannier | As seen in Momentum Magazine

Hill & Ellis Birkdale Pannier Review

Momentum Magazine reviews the Hill & Ellis Birkdale pannier.

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Ride into summer with your own Birkdale Leather Pannier

BIRKDALE Leather Pannier as seen in Momentum Magazine Available at Le Velo Victoria

PRICE $469.00



What’s not to love? This is the bag of my dreams! It’s sophisticated, easily camouflages as a fantastic day bag, and fits a laptop, lunch, and a spare pair of flats along with the necessities. It’s almost feels like a Mary Poppins bag, watch out for overstuffing! The Birkdale allows you to seamlessly move from bike to bus to brunch without changing bags or forgetting things. A thoughtful metal reinforcement keeps the bag’s form on the rack, while buttons on the bottom keep it from getting stuffed. The zipper cover hides the pannier hooks when not in use, and leather handles on the side allow for easy opening and closing of the zipper while the bag is on the rack. The bag smells great to boot!


People have said that it looks big but I like big bags, more room for everything! A few more colour options would be great, as would different size options - smaller or larger. I'm looking forward to the collection.

Our Hill & Ellis Birkdale Leather pannier gets a review in Momentum Magazine Available at Le Velo Victoria 


This is a beautiful bag. It’s perfect for someone who frequently leaves for the entire day and needs to tote around lunch, a laptop, gym clothes, etc., all while disguising it inside of a professional, sophisticated exterior. You could even throw a helmet inside.

Momentum Magazine reviews our Hill & Ellis Birkdale Leather Pannier Available at Le Velo Victoria



















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