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Top 3 Tips to Cycling in Heels

Photo Courtesy: Tokyo Vintage Bicycles
Photo Credit: Ottawa Velo Vogue
Bonus tips:
  • Any shoe that doesn’t fall off your foot easily is a a good rule of thumb.
  • If you have a flat foot-bead for a pedal you can cycle with any shoe.
  • I’m wearing a Mary-Jane clog with a high wooden heel. I ride at a nice pace that is relaxing but not turtle pace. I wore this on Wednesday to work. I wouldn’t be able to wear these all day if I had to walk to work in them. It’s a lot easier to ride in heels then walk in them.
  • Mary-Jane’s are great, again they have the strap around the ankle and holds the shoe to your heel – no slippage.
  • I like nice high boot when riding my touring bike, mainly because it doesn’t have a chain guard.
  • Of course there are a lot or really great looking flats that make it super easy, including flip-flops.

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