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Tweed Ride Victoria 2014 & Most Stylish Bicycle Accessory contest

Well, we never thought it would come but here it is. The 2014 Tweed Ride Victoria, it's the event of the season! This is one of our most coveted cycling event of the year. If you haven't joined in on a Tweed Ride it is a spectacular event made for the smart set. It's a great time to enjoy cycling through our beautiful community with no less than 300 other cycling friends.


Le Vélo will be sponsoring the "Most Stylish Bicycle Accessory" contest. It's a curious contest, for it relies on not only a knowledge of your particular bicycle, but also a thorough grasp of what it means to be a Tweed Rider. Spoke cards? Beautiful basket? A garland of fall foliage? A pannier made of tweed? Any or all of these fit the bill. But it is up to the individual taste of the tweed rider for it to all come together for their bicycle.

So bring your friends, accessorize your bicycles and let's have some fun! We'll see you on September 14th! Full details of the ride and sign up are at the Tweed Ride Victoria website.

Need some help on styling your ride, send us an email and we'll help you out!

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