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3 Step Care for your HappyRainyDays Rain Cape

With the promise of the rainy season ahead of us we thought it would be a great time to share how we are caring for our HappyRainyDays rain capes and why you should too.

Caring for your HRD cape is simple really. If you get a mark on your cape, try a soft damp cloth and gentle dabs to remove the dirt instead of washing the cape. Wash it only when necessary (I've had my cape for a year now and I don't plan on washing it any time soon but that is because I don't wear it everyday). Why you ask? Well, the waterproofing is at its best when left alone to do its thing, and that’s to protect you from getting wet. Less is more. Keeping in mind the more you wear it the higher the chance that you will need to use the technical wash to pick up the waterproofing.

Over time you may find that the waterproofing could use a little pick-me-up. We recommend a technical wash made specifically for waterproof products (think Gore-tex) as this will help maintain the waterproof and breathing qualities of the rainwearFollow the instructions fully, but NEVER place your HRD cape in the dryer.

You can purchase your technical wash from almost any outdoor shop that sells waterproof products. For additional information on the care of your rain cape visit our Fabric Information Chart on our website.

If you haven't sorted out how you will manage riding in the rain yet now's a good time. We have new colours and patters in our rain capes for the fall season that we think you will love. Find your cycle fashion here, you'll be happy you did.


Think Le Vélo Victoria for all of your stylish bicycle accessory needs. Let it rain!

Scroll to the end for an additional bonus video on the HRD cape. 

Bonus - Adjusting the hood:

All hoods can be stored in the collar. The hood can be adjusted to fit the head more snugly if necessary. For instructions on adjusting the hood, watch this short movie clip. 

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