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Temptation Tuesday: Leather handbags & Panniers - The Perfect Marriage Between Fashion and Function

Today's crush is on Hill and Ellis leather handbags & panniers. We've truly found the perfect bag for your bicycle and here's why.

First, you will never believe that these handbags and panniers were meant for the bicycle. Off bike, they look like a beautiful leather bag. Here's a few examples of how it all works and the thoughtful consideration that went into designing these bags. 


Each leather bag comes with a zippered back, the pouch conceals the hooks that attach to the back rack of your bike.Birkdale

You will also find a protective metal bar which stops the bag from rubbing on the back rack. Genius!


They all come with a yellow waterproof rain cover (easy to attach, has reflective strips - place pannier on bike first, then attach the waterproof cover); easy! Oh, they all come beautifully lined with screen-printed striped cotton twill.

We're having trouble deciding which is our favourite. The Dorothy comes with dark brown rich luxe leather. It was thoughtfully designed as a classic handbag and we can easily see this bag on our arm, filled with just the essentials, and still big enough for a tablet, small laptop, books, or a light sweater and of course your lipstick. 

Then there's the Birkdale. I'm really smitten over the gorgeous blue leather and tan piping and I'm loving the classic 50's fashion of the bowling bag design. It seems as though it can carry a little more than the Dorothy, which is a bit of a plus for me as I like to carry my 13" MacBook all over the place along with my lunch, mobile and a bottle of sparkling water (I'm addicted to it). 

Next we've got the Duke. As the name suggests, it was created with guys in mind but I'm not convinced that a women could just as easily rock this leather pannier. 


Seeped in deep rich cheery red and dark brown leather trim this bag will allow you to cycle to the office, travel around the city scape all while maintaining your personal style. 

All of our leather bags and panniers were meant for life’s adventures. To be used to the fullest.


We are loving these leather handbags and panniers. They are new to our collection and we would really love to hear your thoughts on these new bags. Write us and tell us what you think?


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