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Temptation Tuesday | Dress Clips

Does this sound familiar? You are about to hop on your bike, you look fantastic and elegant, but as soon as you get on your bike, it all changes. Your skirt is blowing up, you hold it down. But as soon as you move your hand, your bag slides off your shoulder. Sound familiar? It's the reason that NOMONRO was created; for women like you. A beautiful and elegant accessory that is practical and stylish! It will hold your flirty skirt in place.

Our dress clips come in 2 fabric choices, wool and leather. We've curated a colour line that will complement any wardrobe. And best of all, three different price ranges to fit any budget. They make great stocking stuffers for any woman who rides a bike. See for yourself and find the right colour and style that fits in with your wardrobe, stye and ride.

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