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Top 5 Tips to Staying Dry and Looking Stylish in the Rain

Top 5 Tips to Staying Dry and Looking Stylish in the Rain

  1. Dress for your destination. (It's okay to wear your dress when it rains) - check
  2. Look stylish (meaning no spandex) - check
  3. Say good-bye to unflattering rain gear - check
  4. Boots dry - check... ah oh, stepped in a rain puddle, rookie mistake (do better next time)
  5. Wearing HappyRainyDays Rain Cape - check!!

So you see, it's very simple, sometimes having the right gear makes all the difference. Other helpful tips include installing front and back fenders. A good rack on the back of your bike to carry your pannier/s, keeping your daily needs off your back, allowing you to just enjoy the ride.

Forecast calls for rain for the next week. If you have a rain cape in your future, stop by our Pop-up Shop at the designHouse Salon and take a look at out selection of rain capes before they are all gone!


Our pop-up goes until December 24th so stop by, we've got great Christmas ideas in all price ranges. For all the details - le vélo pop-up at the designHouse Studio

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