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Meet Winston & Amy. A lovely film by our friends at VANCOUVER CYCLE CHIC. Inspiration, companionship, cycling; it's the whole package. Enjoy!

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On this note We believe cycling isn't just about getting from A to B, it's about enhancing your lifestyle, having fun and looking good while doing it. 
Le Vélo isn’t just the pretty face of cycling. Behind the scenes we've been growing our business to include cycling advocacy and we have become a vital voice in the push to normalize cycling in Victoria. We believe we are helping to create a more vibrant city through cycling advocacy and great cycling infrastructure for our City. 

To get more people riding, we need to build bike lanes and bike infrastructure that is designed for all ages and abilities. To this end we will continue working with the cities movers and shakers by providing a vital voice in the push to normalize cycling in Victoria. From regular features on our blog about the citizen cycling movement (with a particular focus on women who cycle for transport), to sponsoring events that bring guest speakers to the island to inspire and inform. You’ll find us working tirelessly to promote what is possible when you design a lifestyle around the bicycle. 

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