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Le Vélo Featured in Momentum Magazine!

Simple in style, high in function and 100% waterproof. We think you'll be thrilled to have one of these. The happiest rain capes we've carried yet. Bright beautiful colours to brighten the stormiest of days.

Erin Jardine from Momentum Magazine says "Rain capes can be the perfect wet weather piece of outerwear for your daily travels by bike. Designers have updated the traditional rain poncho with bike-friendly accents, hi-tech fabrics, and have crafted an ideal fit for a moving body on a bike".

HappyRainyDays Rain Cape Collection at Le Vélo Victoria

We say, be inspired by all of the beauty that spring showers bring to life. And we'll keep you dry from the top down with the beautiful colours and patters of spring! 

HappyRainyDays Rain Cape Collection at Le Velo Victoria

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