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Urban Riders Guide to Biking to Work

Our best tips and tricks to inspire you to get on your bikes and ride on to a happy, healthy, enjoyable commute by bike

Have you discovered yet the sheer joy and freedom you feel while riding a bike? Did you know that if you plan your trip right, not only will you avoid traffic and congestion, save money on parking, but you'll also arrive to work fresh and ready to tackle your busy day.

Top 4 reasons why you should ride!

① It’s healthy, fun and makes your commute to work enjoyable.

② Fresh air is invigorating and a side benefit is the exercise.

③ No traffic jams and free parking.

④ Lastly, there’s nothing like the freedom you feel while riding a bike; you can explore the city and ride at your pace.

 Now to get you out on your bike, here's how:

What kind of bike do I need?

Ideally, you will want a bike that is comfortable, this includes fenders a chain guard, a back rack and of course a good lock to secure your bicycle at your destination.

Do I need special clothing?

Dress for your destination, almost anything you have in your closet is suitable for riding on your bicycle. 

How will I carry my stuff?

First, decide whether you would prefer to carry a backpack or have the bike do the carrying for you. If you are new to riding, panniers may be your best choice. I personally enjoy the freedom of having nothing over my shoulder or on my back. I prefer panniers and baskets.

What's my best route to take?

Take a look at your city's bike map or use Map my Ride. The key to a successful ride is to be prepared. Before your first day of cycling to work find a nice quiet route from your home to your office. 

Do I know how long it will take to ride to work?

Understand the time it will take you to get there and plan your ride accordingly. Make it enjoyable and take your time. Ride along quiet streets and venture out for the longer rides as you become more confident.

Final Parting Thoughts

Remember, you don't have to wear unflattering rain gear to ride your bike. Just about anything you have in your wardrobe will work on a bike. Cycling isn't just for sport so you don't have to cycle to work like a speed demon. Take it easy, smell the roses, enjoy and have fun! 

See you out there!

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