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3 Proven ways to let go of the spandex

Letting go of the spandex

Everything we do has always been to show what’s possible when you design a lifestyle around the bicycle. We’re all about expressing your cycle fashion while moving in and around the urban landscape in the most comfortable way. A bonus is the community you discover that you just won’t find while sitting behind the driving wheel.

Let me take you back to your childhood. Can you remember the first day you rode your bicycle without any help? I sure do. I remember how free and independent I felt. I also remember not wearing a helmet and I definitely didn't wear spandex. I'd like you to feel this free again. Follow these 3 steps and you can enjoy riding your bicycle they way you did when you were young and free.  

Step 1 What to wear

Dress for your day, a little bit of rain is okay. Personally, I would rather get a wee bit wet on my ride into the office then wear spandex. There are so many nice products available for you to ride your bike in the rain that really do a great job at keeping you dry. It may be worth your while to check them out.



3 Proven ways to let go of the spandex | DistanceIf your trip is 10km or under it is totally possible to dress for your day. We get into the details more fully below. As you warm up you may want to remove layers. Having the right bag or pannier can make all the difference in the way you travel. Choosing a bag that's really made for life's movement, transporting you from your bike, into the office, a quick meeting up town, then drinks at the new bistro. is urban cycling at its finest.

3 Proven Ways to Let Go of the Spandex Wearing spandex is for sport. So unless you are in the Tour de France or taking a long ride outside of the city and it's specifically for exercise, skip the spandex. You can thank me later when you arrive at your destination looking all fine in your nice clothes.









Let's break this down a bit more for you. 

 3 ways to let go of the spandex

We'd love to hear how you're doing with your urban cycling journey? Have you uncovered any obstacles that you just can't overcome?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Especially for today's post, if you have any cyclists in your life who could use a little simplicity when it comes to what to wear when riding a bicycle, share this post. We also have this post on 'How to ride your bike every day' that you also may love to read.

Happy Cycling!




  • Susan, Le Vélo

    Hi Whitney, keep us up-to-date on your urban cycling adventure! We all start somewhere. Happy cycling!

  • Whitney Ryan

    You are seriously opening my mind to a whole new world here! I would never think that you could dress for your day, rather than the bike ride! Clearly I’ve got a lot to learn…

    These are great tips to try out as I find my urban cycling groove!

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