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Let your style shine – Bold and Adventurous

Bold and Adventurous Birty Red Leather Pannier available at Le Velo Victoria 

This is our lady! She is Bold and Adventurous and represents a lifestyle of fun and exploration. She is eager to participate in anything cycling, anything fun, she enjoys being original and standing out in a crowd. I

What we love about her: Is her tenacity and sense of fun!  She's confident, creative, active in her lifestyle, community and is not afraid of a challenge.

Bold and Adventurous, Street Chic, Sunday Cruiser, and Lifestyle cyclist are the four portfolios Le Velo created in order to help our customers associate our products to their lifestyle. We believe everyone is an individual and everyone deserves to have their own cycle style. The portfolios we identified were not created to fit our customers into a certain niche, but to encourage you to find features of your style within the four-lifestyle portfolios and use it as a product and lifestyle guide. Come find your cycle fashion!


Beautifully written by the lovely Hannah Montieth, Le Velo

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