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Today we shared our thoughts on "How to Ride to Work and Wear Suit" with blogger Elly Blue

 In answer to the gentleman who wanted to know what he should do about his clothes on his five-mile/8KM bike ride…

Just do it! It is possible to travel this distance in a suit. The Dutch know how to do it very well.


Thank you Amsterdam Cycle Chic

I’m not a businessman, but I do ride my bike to the office and cycle to business meetings all while dressed in skirts/dresses and high heels. The trick is to keep a moderate pace but not too fast to make yourself hot and sweaty. On days when you know it’s going to be warm outside slow down your pace and allow for the extra cycling time. You can also remove your suit jacket, turn it inside out and fold one shoulder into the other, then fold the jacket in half and slide it into your pannier and avoid wrinkles. 

If you don’t have a chain guard on your bike I recommend a Brooks Trouser Strap. They come in 8 fashionable colours to help the urban cyclist to fasten his/her trousers and prevent them from being caught in the chain ring.



If you find that you just cannot stop yourself from cycling like a speed demon, I recommend an upright bike with a chain guard. This will force you to slow down and help you enjoy the ride. You may also want to consider a cycling route to the office that avoids some of the large hills. You’ll be surprised at how connected you can become by cycling through your community.
For cycling specific clothing for the urban cyclist, and yes this includes suits, try the following on-line clothiers.


Outlier a great company that caters to urban cycling specific clothing

Dashing Tweeds Has ready to wear or bespoke services all with the urban cyclist in mind. 

A great example of cycling in a suit: Momentum Magazine

Happy cycling!!


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