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Bike to Work week – May 27 to June 2

If you’re not riding your bike to work, out for coffee, to yoga or the gym, a picnic or out to dinner at friends then ask yourself why???? Obviously if you don’t have a bike then your first major hurdle is get your hands on a sweet ride. Once that is done the rest is history.

Bike to Work Week focus is to encourage and promote the use of the bicycle as transportation to work. The following are easy steps and tips to get you on your bike dressed for your destination. 

Tip 1: Plan your route 

This step is one of the most important steps to mitigate the anxiety that some people feel when riding through the city.

1. Do not plan your route like you are driving your car as this will most likely take you along busy congested streets that often do not have proper bike lanes.

2. Use Google Maps or Map My Ride to view maps and create a route that will get you to your destination safely and efficiently. The fastest route is not always the safest route so make sure you do some research and find the best route to get you safely to work.

3. Leave yourself enough time in the morning. One of the tricks to getting to work feeling fresh and not sweaty is riding at a comfortable pace and choosing a route that does not require you to exert too much energy. Save the personal best hilly exercise route for the way home. 

4. Visit any of the Celebration Stations along your route today and meet up with other cyclists new to the cycling world and show the spandex crowd how to cycle dressed for your destination. Also check out the Celebration Stations Dates and Locator Map.

Tip 2: Plan What to Wear

For some people, this step is so depressing as you envision slipping your rain pants over your cute tights as you hike up your skirt and tuck your cardigan into your backpack so you can get your rain jacket on. NEVER AGAIN!

Le Vélo is all about riding your bike dressed for your destination. With the proper accessories, you can wear those tights and lovely dress on your bike and arrive to work looking flawless. There isn't only one look for everyone while riding a bike. On the contrary, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to get your hands on the right accessories to allow your style and the functionality of the accessory to coexist as one beautiful, stylish and non-spandex clad speed demon.

For a little inspiration this article speaks to how you can ride your bike dressed for your destination, no spandex here!  Ride a Bike? Wear a suite or a skirt? Can it be?

The first item you may want to invest in is a good rain cape so stay tuned for our next blog post on Wednesday to see some of the products we love that will get you to work looking like you stepped of the runway.

Photo credit goes to PoCampo for looking oh so chic!

Article by Hannah Monteith

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