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Bike to Work week May 27 – June 2 | Part Deux

How is your Bike to Work week going? Susan has been riding her bike every day showcasing different techniques to get her to work. Follow her on @LeVelo_Victoria to see pictures and commentary.


Susan on Monday, sporting a tunic, leggings and boots. No spandex here. Oh, it was also raining.

As promised, today we are showcasing some essential bike accessories that will help you to ride to work in style while still being super functional.

1. Iva Jean Rain Cape – Let it rain! Fair-weather cyclist no more. This stylish and functional rain cape is designed to protect you from the rain with the same style and personality you bring to every other aspect of your life. This cape will keep your legs and feet dry and most importantly no rain pants necessary. 

How it works: The front of the Rain Cape covers your arms and legs by draping from the shoulders to your handlebars when you place your thumbs through interior loops at the front of cape.

2. Helmets might seem a little dorky to many of you but our helmets are hand painted and come in so many designs you are sure to find one that fits your own personal style. It's like wearing your favourite piece of art. 

3. Are you going to yoga after work? Use our utility straps to hold your yoga mat on the back rack of your bike. Have gear? How about one of our convenient panniers to hold all your necessities? Now you are ready to hop on your sweet ride stylin on your way to your yoga class.


By the way, have you tuned up your bike?


1. Here are a few tips for a quick tune up to make sure your bike is running like the well oiled machine that it is.

2. Learn how your bike works so that you know how to fix it if something breaks down. This website is a great resource and it is specifically targeted towards women. 

Know your bike!

These are just a few steps to help you get motivated to get on your bike and ride. Whether it is going to work or to meet some friends you can always arrive at your destination dressed exactly how you want to look. Cars are so yesterday and you certainly do not need one to get to and from work.

Joie de vivre!!

Article by Hannah Monteith

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