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Superior Pop-In Shop with Mortiscycle and Le Vélo

This summer is full of fun bike-centric activities that will get you and your family outside touring around Victoria!

Every second Saturday (ish) this summer, Le Vélo will be teaming up with Mortiscycle at the Superior to bring you delicious fresh backed donuts, coffee and bicycle accessories. Check @levelo­_victoria or our Find Us page to find out when we are on site.


At what feels like a side walk sale, Mortiscycle has combined some of our favorite things into a lovely outdoor patio complete with wonderful bicycle accessories and great company. We are so excited about this opportunity, not only because we get to hang out outside and eat donuts all day, but because we get to be a part of a great community. Did I tell you that the donuts are to die for! 

The Mortiscycle is open from Tuesday to Sunday, weather permitting, and Le Vélo is there on Saturdays. We have most of our products available to purchase and we are right on the street corner so you can bring your bike by and fit it with some pretty sweet stuff.  

We are having so much fun and want to see you all there. Plan a ride through downtown to Ogden Point and stop by for a snack and a new item for your sweet ride.

 Joie De Vivre

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