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Temptation Tuesday - Bidon au vin (AKA Wine Rack)

So you ask, "what's so special about the Bidon au vin?" Well, apart from its vintage-esk charm, is the "cool" factor of the bidon au vin. Who wouldn't enjoy arriving at a dinner party with your bottle of vino attached to the straight bar of your bike, cool right? It comes in three great colours, tan, brown and black and anyone who sees it feels the need to own it.

Don't have a bike, not a problem. It fits nicely on the towel rack in the kitchen and makes for a great conversation piece, because we all know the action is in the kitchen.

I've been cycling around with the tan Bidon au vin attached to my sweet ride for a few months now, the cool factor is high, but the Bidon au vin lives up to its promise and holds the wine bottle in place. Plus, the tan one complements my sweet ride so well.

It's an easy attachment to the straight bar of your bike. Check out this handy video on attachment. What colour matches your sweet ride?

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