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Tweed Ride Victoria; take notes and let’s get noticed!

We are excited for the 2013 Tweet Ride Victoria for a few reasons. Firstly, we are lucky enough to be a sponsor for the ride this year. Susan has been been involved in the past years but this is the first year for Le Vélo and we are so happy to contribute in a bigger way.  We are also keen to help support Bicycles for Humanity, the charitable foundation this ride supports, to that end we will be donating one of our bicycles that will head off to Africa. Finally, we have big plans to look pretty amazing in our Tweed! 

The ladies at Le Vélo are taking inspiration from the professionals and looking through the archives of past Tweed events. The London Tweed Run participants know how to make this event memorable and historically satirical. The costumes, both elaborate and refined, represent a fantastic history of the British culture and transport its participants back to a time where bicycles were a dominant mode of transportation. This character and enthusiasm has been reflected at the last two Victoria Tweed Rides and will hopefully be taken to the next level this year.

What all this boils down to is: 2013 Tweet Ride Victoria has some major shoes to fill, complete with argyle knee socks!


The Tweed Ride Victoria is a charitable ride that raises money for Bicycles for Humanity. "B4H is a global grassroots movement of local chapters in developed countries that empowers many in the developing world with the gift of mobility delivered by a bicycle." By the end of 2011, B4H will have sent over 45,000 bikes to Africa, have 35 chapters in 5 countries and 50 BECs (Bicycle Empowerment Centre) in developing countries. At the moment B4H plans to deliver 15,000 bikes in 2012 and, with good partnering and support, 30,000 bikes in 2013. You do not have to look far to see that organization is helping people in monumental ways. We are excited to support and be involved in making their goals happen!


I will leave you with a little inspiration to get involved this year!  

Stay tuned for updates on the Tweed Ride Victoria and a contest to join the ladies at Le Vélo on their ride!

What Tweed looks inspire you?

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