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Temptation Tuesday- House of Talent Meet and Greet Mash Up!

This is not your typical Temptation Tuesday post...it's a mash up of all things Le Vélo and House of Talent! 

On our Find Us! page you will see that we are back from our ride and having a Pop-up at Fol Epi Bakery this Sunday, August 25th. This isn't just any pop-up; we have the lovely Kate from House of Talent joining us on location. This is also our last Pop-up in August and technically for the summer, although I choose to believe September is still considered summer! Come join us and have some fun with Kate and Susan!


You may remember our Temptation Tuesday -Oblong Bike Basket blog post from July where we featured the House of Talent Bicycle Baskets. We have always loved these baskets (I have one permanently attached to my bike...it is orange!) and are so excited to be able to have Kate with us at our Pop-up. When people approach us about these baskets we love to tell them where they are from and how their purchase contributes to real people. It will be especially rewarding to have Kate with us to delve into the details and give us and our customers a better idea of what goes on in the making of these baskets and how the proceeds have made a difference in African communities. 

For every wicker bike basket sold, proceeds go back into the community in which the artisans live and helps with much needed healthcare insurance, scholarship opportunities and delivery of mosquito nets, to name a few.

Kate is here in Victoria for a visit and she wants to share with you how the purchase of just one basket can help a community in need.

Le Vélo is proud to support Kate's endeavors and to be selling these baskets! All we need now is you! Come to Fol Epi this Sunday, August 25 to show your support and hear Kate's story of growing up in Ghana and how the House of Talents came to be. Contribute to a great cause while getting your hands on a great product. 

See you there! 

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