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Temptation Tuesday - Plaid Addition

As I started looking into different accessories one could use to make their bike as tweed stylish as their outfit, I found that there are a lot of independent retailers on Etsy and other online market places who make and sell some really awesome accessories. For some reason I expected the bicycle accessories retailers to be mostly the big names but was pleasantly surprised to find a burgeoning marketplace of unique and beautiful products sold by the little guys like us! Keep it up!

You will see some classic big names among the products I have found but you will also find some little gems that were hidden away in internet land who have equally versatile and pretty accessories!

Argyle and plaid helmet


Here are two styles that will get you noticed. The helmet on the left is the Modern Argyle (Matte) helmet by Nutcase and the helmet on the right is the hand-painted Plaid Helmet by Belle Helmets. Le Vélo sells this plaid helmet as well as a number of other hand-painted helmets from Belle Helmets. 

This is a gorgeous helmet cover with a detachable flower that is all hand made! I am always a big fan of anything DIY so naturally this is one of my favorite items. I found this on the Riding Pretty Blog. This blog is also connected to a Tweed Ride social network...how convenient and fitting that I found it!

This basket liner is super cute and functional, especially in a basket that has lots of large openings (don't want to loose things along your ride). There is only one of this particular basket cover on this site but chances are you can find other colours or someone who would make one especially for you! The idea is great and practical! 

I don't know what to say about this skirt guard except that it is fantastic!!!! I love the flirty stylish look it gives the bike. It reminds me of those tall gloves women used to wear that were a little provocative because you could see through them but not enough to give anything away. 

I can't finish a Temptation Tuesday and not feature one of Le Vélo's products so here it is: Up-Cycled Bicycle Crate.  I love this crate and it will be perfect for the Tweed Ride lunch platter you get from Chorizo & Co. There is a pretty good chance either Susan or I will have one on our bike for the ride for exactly that reason!

I hope you have been inspired and will be at the Victoria Tweed Ride on September 28, 2013 looking good!

Joie de Vivre!

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