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Temptation Tuesday | Today we are coveting Merino Wool

So what is so special about Merino Wool anyway?  It is only one of the most forgiving of natural fabrics and soft enough that babies can wear it. Merino fibres wick moisture away to prevent clamminess, with the added benefit of being naturally rain shower repellent. An excellent performance fabric for any sport and will keep you dry in whatever situation you find yourself in. 

Merino's natural anti-microbial properties are renowned. The key is Mother Nature providing all the answers - without a chemical finishing process. Each tiny merino fibre consists of a multitude of overlapping scales, which, coupled to the high level of moisture absorption, provide a poor environment for bacterial growth, simply put you won't stink when you sweat. In fact, you can wear merino up to 9 times before you need to wash it. This means your life is a lot easier when you are out tour cycling for weeks at a time, no washing everyday!

As I've said, I have been running and cycling in merino t-shirts for about the past ten years. My girl friends always thought I was a nut, that I must be hot all the time? Not so, I ended my ride feeling dry and odourless while my friends, who wore man-made performance t-shirts, well let's just say they had a stinky ending.


But merino isn't just for fitness anymore. We are taking high performance and high style. 100% merino tunics, the ultimate in class and comfort. It is for these reasons we are launching a new line of Merino Wool Tunics by High Road Clothing


Merino is our go-to fabric these days and with our Merino Wool Tunics you too can experience the comfort and style of merino. Our tunics will take you from your demanding day job as producer of live theatre, to meeting up with sponsors to managing the construction of the set and off to the gala reception at the end of the day. This tunic will grow and move with you. Start your day with leggings and flats and move into those high-heeled beauties for your gala at the evenings end. Oh, and feeling fresh too.

Come and see what all the fuss is about!

PS: Alexander Wang wants you to wear wool too!

Photo: Courtesy of The Woolmark Company.

Joie de vivre!

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