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Nice. Comfortable cycling underwear for women, by women. Christiana Guzman is the creator of these little beauties.

Panties created with a goal to bring to urban cyclists and everyday commuters the comfort of bike shorts as well as the freedom to wear everyday clothes.

"Unlike traditional riding shorts with a chamois, these panties will fit discreetly under your clothing. You can wear them under any pants, shorts, skirts, denim cutoffs, and even non-cycling specific work out clothes you already own".

I can definitely see myself in a pair of these cycling panties. I’ve tried a few other brands in the past, but none as sexy or pretty as these. They look a lot like underwear I wear now and seem perfect for a spin class or a ride into town. 

The Brigitte: for women of all shapes and sizes are flattering and comfortable. The foam insert alleviates the discomforts of riding while remaining discrete, allowing you to flaunt your own personal cycle style.

The Bettie Panty is a little sexier and have a thinner, triathlon style chamois for more casual riding. 


Urbanist reached their Kickstarter goal within a few weeks, I'll be waiting for these babies to hit the streets. What's your favourite pair? 

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