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Helmmate: Protects your head and your butt!

Here, we're all about elegant solutions for everyday cycling challenges. We think we've found another solution that solves another little bicycle burden.

The Helmmate is a Danish design created to make the life of a cyclist a little bit easier by creating a cover that not only covers your saddle when it's raining but also protects your helmets from the rain and keeps both dry. No longer will you have to cart your clunky helmet with you once you've reached your destination. Does it lock your helmets? Well yes it does. A pad lock is included when you buy your Helmmate.

Helmmate is a small device, with a waterproof nylon cover hidden inside, that attaches to the rails of a saddle. Whenever needed, it rolls out and locks your helmet to your saddle with a zipper and combination padlock. How cool is that?

You'll need to brush up on your Danish to listen to this video but it shows just how simple it really is.


Easy enough for the kids to use as well.



Founders: Jesper & Sune


What do you think? Should we carry the Helmmate?

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