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Temptation Tuesday - Hand-Painted Belle Helmets

Chances are you have seen the Apple Belle Helmet featured in a number of our product photos. It seems to have become the poster helmet of Le Vélo although we are not picking favorites. 
This past September, Belle Helmets was involved in a Crowd Supply Product Launch that was super successful and has allowed Belle Helmets to expand. This is awesome to hear not only because we want to see them do well, but also because this means more new designs to come. Here is a short video that explains the Crowd Supply Campaign and a little more about Belle Helmets!
Le Vélo has always loved these helmets and is happy to support Belle Helmets by supplying their helmets to Victoria. There are so many designs to choose from and hopefully you will see some new ones on sale at Le Vélo in the spring. We already have a bunch of great helmets for sale that we have to find homes for before we can purchase new ones.  Don't forget Christmas is coming and a hand painted helmet is a pretty cool gift! 
Let us know what helmets are your favorites and we will start the long process of which helmets to order next!
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