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Bicycle Mayor of Victoria - A global movement

Susan Stokhof Bicycle Mayor of Victoria
This past January Susan Stokhof joined the global bicycle mayor network as the first Bicycle Mayor of Victoria and the first in Canada.
Susan Stokhof and 6 Bicycle Mayors
What started out with one Bicycle Mayor in Amsterdam has grown into a global movement. BYCS initiates and coordinates the program and works with local partners to set up Bicycle Mayors in cities around the world. Together, we are using the bicycle to address pollution crises, tackle road deaths, break down social barriers and enable people to access essential services for the first time.
BYCS is an Amsterdam-based social enterprise driven by the belief that bicycles transform cities and cities transform the world. They work internationally with businesses, governments and non-profits to initiate and scale breakthrough ideas around cycling.
BYCS is driven by a mission to have half of all city trips by bike by 2030. They call this 50by30!  It demands the brightest ideas and the most determined action. They believe it will unlock massive social, environmental and economic gains for everyone. Cities must prepare themselves for the challenges of tomorrow.

Increasing cycling in cities helps address systemic challenges around pollution, resource use, waste, health and social cohesion. Cycling is more than transportation. It is transformation. In all our work, we always ask: ‘Where can the bicycle take us?’

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