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Canada's first Bicycle Mayor introduced in Victoria

Susan Stokhof, Canada's first Bicycle Mayor and Bicycle Mayor of Victoria has a bold vision.

Bicycle Mayors are the face and voice of cycling progress in cities. Susan plans to accelerate cycling by showing the normalization in it and to elevate it to the rightful position as a legitimate form of transportation.

Her purpose is to spread the message of how cycling positively transforms cities."It's time for our citizens and our city to think beyond the automobile and join the cycling revolution that's spreading across the globe. Building a multi-model city that enhances the places we live, work, and play that deeply impacts our health and wellbeing and shapes our experience of a neighbourhood is a vision that I think everyone can see themselves in". 

Susan believes that a Bicycle Mayor needs to be a visionary leader who can help make controversial but progressive decisions that help affect cycling progress in cities. "I think we need to be strong in our convictions and be able to challenge the status quo and never ask for permission to change the world".

Could your city use a Bicycle Mayor? You can connect with Susan in the following ways:

For local information, images, or to book an interview with the Bicycle Mayor contact: Susan Stokhof at BicycleMayorYYJ@gmail.com or through her website: BicycleMayorYYJ 

For more information on the global network and downloadable images and logos of BYCS contact: Rafi Friedmann rafi@bycs.org

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