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Urban Cycling in the Netherlands

Discovering Amsterdam

What if you could affect change in the neighbourhood you live in? What if your voice made a difference when planning a multi-modal city that could enhance the places you live, work and play that deeply impact your health and wellbeing? Planning and design decisions are important, as the built environment influences how we move around a city and facilitate social interactions that help to shape our experience of a neighbourhood.Amsterdam

This coming summer, 2018, I am going to The Netherlands where I will immerse myself in the Dutch lifestyle and experience true urban cycling in a city that embraces people and place. Specifically, I will be attending a 3-week program at the University of Amsterdam's summer program, Planning the Cycling City. This is a graduate-level program that will unravel urban cycling from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective. Drawing on historical and current events, engage with top Dutch and international experts and leaders; as a student, I’ll learn a host of essential skills that support meaningful understanding of developing and fostering of cycling cities.

My intention is to present my findings in Victoria (venue to be determined) in the fall of 2018 with invitations to our Mayor, local politicians, the general public and cycling enthusiasts alike. The goal of the presentation is to encourage and empower citizens to become advocates for change and active voices in the conversations affecting planning and design decisions that enhance the places we live, work, and play that deeply impact our health and well-being. Good design and interesting streetscapes can improve the bike and walk-ability of our cityscape and help shape our experience of a neighbourhood. I look forward to offering this presentation so I can share what it’s like to truly be a cycling city. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. ~ Margaret Meed

Travelling is an incredibly rewarding experience, but also requires a large investment. I am personally paying for my travel costs to The Netherlands. The money I raise through this campaign will help support the costs of the summer course at the University of Amsterdam, “Planning the Cycling City;” and for accommodations during these 3 weeks, for a total of $3200.00 CAD. With your help, it will make this opportunity possible and take the stress out of the process, so I can really focus on the educational experience ahead.

Crowdfunding campaign: Le Vélo Discovers the Netherlands

If you see the value in what we are doing, we would love it if you would contribute to our FundRazr campaign. Just click on the photo above and find a donation about that suites you best. Everything counts.  

Planning the cycling city from Susan Stokhof, Le Vélo Victoria on Vimeo.

I am happy and very grateful for any contribution, no matter how small, to make this experience possible. I’ve put together six different perks to thank donors for their support, and I look forward to sharing my day-to-day on social media with all the people who help. And I thank everyone who helps bring this story to life!

 Discovering Amsterdam

Attending this program at the University of Amsterdam and sharing this experience will allow me to better inform my stories on urban cycling and provide me with the opportunity to bring new skills back to Victoria. I’ll also share glimpses of my life over these 3 weeks on my social media channels to show what it’s like being in Amsterdam.

Learning from the world’s leading cycling city, Amsterdam, and understanding how to apply Dutch urban cycling principles and practices, as a starting point of reference, and the transferability to our local context is the desired objective. Sharing lessons learned from the University of Amsterdam’s summer program will be used to inspire our peers with what is achievable, is the goal.


When planning a multi-modal city, planning and design decisions are important, as the built environment influences how we move around a city and facilitate social interactions that help to shape our experience of a neighbourhood. We all benefit from our natural surroundings; nature is good for us. However, our urban environment is equally important to our health and wellbeing. Good design and interesting streetscapes can improve the bike-ability and walk-ability of our cityscape, enabling people to leave their cars at home more often. Proper planning can create spaces that engender a sense of community and place and provide opportunities to celebrate and gather, fostering connection and belonging. In short: Urban design and spaces connecting people and place by all means of transport Matter.

For all backers: I will be in the Netherlands until Mid July. I will send your gifts when I return to Canada. You can expect your gifts to be delivered at the end of July. I will keep you informed as gifts are mailed out. Many thanks.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who helps bring this story to life.


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