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Manifestations of flow

Cycling through this intersection in early morning rush hour was a treat.

There is a dance that has a cadence where everyone understands the movements and the pace. As I ride through busy streets in bicycle rush-hour, cyclists keep to their cadence and move through each other. I feel happy, accomplished, messy, slow, confused, humbled, heart racing, relaxed, perplexed, in this chaotic mess that is was home for 7 weeks.

Cycling in Amsterdam was transformational. There is a peace within me now that I’ve never experienced before. I traveled in very high cycling volumes and made negotiations with the people around me Amsterdam every day. 

In this video cyclists elegantly move through each other and only occasionally is it interrupted by a few cars and an impatient scooter driver.  

Here, the car is a guest. The drivers are very careful driving around cyclists. This is the way it should be everywhere. Cyclists and pedestrians are the streets most vulnerable and should also be the most comfortable manoeuvering through the streets. The Dutch have their priorities right. Now it's time for the rest of the world to catch up.

This lovely video came from http://schlijper.nl/ 


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