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In Conversation With Joni Uhlenbeck, Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Meet our new friend Joni, one of the founders of Amsterdam Cycle Chic blog Interview with Joni of Amsterdam Cycle Chic by @LeVelo_Victoria http://t.co/QI7lLZdual @senzumbrellas @GeorgiainDublin @copenhagenize — Amsterdam Cycle Chic (@AMSCycleChic) October 12, 2013 "When it rains I cycle with an umbrella. The Dutch Senz umbrellas are very handy to cycle with." http://t.co/THFIcZ9ioR — Momentum Mag (@MomentumMag) October 24, 2013

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Valentines Day Contest - Tells us your story!

                                                                         Le Vélo wants to hear your story! All you have to do is submit your story about how you met your sweetheart and send it to Le Vélo. To get you started, come inside to hear Susan's story. Rules of engagement: Tell us your story. Submissions can be as short as a tweet or up to 500 words, after that it can be anything at all. Enjoy and be creative! All entries must be received by Feb. 13th. Chosen story will be publish in February 14th Vélo Joy Blog...

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