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In conversation with Cecily Walker

We want you to meet our new friend Cecily; she's chic, fun and very sassy. Cecily // "Heart and Soul" // Vancouver Cycle Chic Films from VANCOUVER CYCLE CHIC on Vimeo. Cecily first made her debut in the Vancouver Cycle Chic blog. We would describe Cecily's street style as Bold and Adventurous! Read more on Cecily's Street style, using her bike as her car, secrets for cycling in the rain and more...

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In Conversation With Joni Uhlenbeck, Amsterdam Cycle Chic

Meet our new friend Joni, one of the founders of Amsterdam Cycle Chic blog Interview with Joni of Amsterdam Cycle Chic by @LeVelo_Victoria http://t.co/QI7lLZdual @senzumbrellas @GeorgiainDublin @copenhagenize — Amsterdam Cycle Chic (@AMSCycleChic) October 12, 2013 "When it rains I cycle with an umbrella. The Dutch Senz umbrellas are very handy to cycle with." http://t.co/THFIcZ9ioR — Momentum Mag (@MomentumMag) October 24, 2013

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