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In conversation with Cecily Walker

We want you to meet our new friend Cecily; she's chic, fun and very sassy. Cecily // "Heart and Soul" // Vancouver Cycle Chic Films from VANCOUVER CYCLE CHIC on Vimeo. Cecily first made her debut in the Vancouver Cycle Chic blog. We would describe Cecily's street style as Bold and Adventurous! Read more on Cecily's Street style, using her bike as her car, secrets for cycling in the rain and more...

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In conversation with Áron, Hungarian Cycle Chic

Meet our new friend Áron, he's one of the founders of the Hungarian Cycle Chic blog in Budapest. Photo courtesy of Áron Hungarian Cycle Chic Blog Gorgeous photo along the Danube Up close and personal Áron's shares tips and tricks for cycling in a busy city, cycling in the rain, and what's new and exciting on the horizon for Hungarian Cycle Chic movement. Áron said to me that he hopes we will be able to persuade everyday people to get on their bikes in Victoria. We do too Áron! Áron is sure that the way to creating cycle safety streets is by getting more people on their bikes. In Budapest cycling became safer as the amount of bicycles increased out on the streets. Read on to see what it's like cycling in...

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In Conversation with David of Vancouver Cycle Chic

We caught up with our new friend David, one of the founders of Vancouver Cycle Chic.  David and the rest of the team, imagine a Vancouver where stylish people on bikes are commonplace. (Think Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Montreal, Portland.) Where people are comfortable on bikes. Where bicycles help us express our personal style and connect with our neighbourhoods. Simon // "Inspiration" // Vancouver Cycle Chic Films from VANCOUVER CYCLE CHIC on Vimeo. We are in love with Vancouver Cycle Chic videos or mini-docs featuring Vancouverites cycling around their neighbourhoods. They are fun, interesting and we can't get enough of them. The videos cast all different kinds of people and shows viewers that "cycling is as normal as anything."  We've posted 3 in a series...

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