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Gabe Levesque, our new team member at Le Vélo

MEET GABE. HE'S OUR NEW BLOGGER! Gabe comes to us with a passion for cycling and an adventurous heart for exploring new cities by bike. Gabe and his family have cycled great cycling cities such as Amsterdam, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, to name a few, he also knows a thing or two about riding a bike and is now part of our team! Join us in welcoming Gabe; we're happy to have him!   Want to read more... 

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Your First Bicycle: 6 Tips to Get the Bike of Your Dreams

For Christmas you made a wish for a shiny new bicycle under the tree.  Image courtesy of Wag K9 Your wish came partially true as you now find yourself with some cash on hand instead. Now it's time go shopping for your bicycle, but it can be a bit intimidating. We're going to help you cut through all the muck and mire and give you some tips to empower you to make the right decisions to purchase your new bicycle.  

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Christmas Pop-up event at Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse

Today is our last day at the Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhourse. It's such a beautiful setting for a pop-up or just about any kind of an event! Yesterday I enjoyed a cider tasting; it was amazing similar to a wine tasting. We started with Flagship, then Pippins and finished up with the Rumrunner. What I liked about the Flagship is that it's one of only a few commercial ciders in the world free of added sulphites, great for anyone with sensitivities.This cider was light, considered ultra dry but offers a nose (you see, just like wine tasting or a perfume sampling) of anise and cinnamon framed by soft tannins which is one of the reasons I liked the one so much. The finish was...

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