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2015 Tweed Ride Victoria

A Stylish Ride for the Smart Set It's time for the 2015 Tweed Ride Victoria, it's the cycling event of the season for the stylish rider! This is one of our most coveted cycling event of the year. If you haven't joined in on a Tweed Ride it is a spectacular event where like-minded stylish riders gather. It's a great time to enjoy cycling through our beautiful community with no less than 300 other cycling friends. Let's dive in.

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Tweed Ride Victoria 2014 & Most Stylish Bicycle Accessory contest

It's finally here! The most stylish ride of the season is almost here. Join Le Vélo and 300 stylish bicycle riders for the most stylish cycling event of the season!  Let's dive into the details of the ride and our "Most Stylish Bicycle Accessory" contest details.

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