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The Story of Le Vélo Victoria

Because the perfect stylish bicycle accessory is hard to come by... 

Susan believes that you don't have to wear spandex when riding a bicycle.

Just another lover of urban cycling. Susan believes that you don't have to wear spandex when riding a bicycle, because cycling isn't just for sport. We're brining sexy back to cycling and we want to take you on a journey that begins with cycling normalcy, no spandex or funny gear. We'll share our favourite tips and tricks to help you let go of the spandex and get on your bikes riding in style; your style, whatever that may be. 

The Story of Le Vélo Victoria from Susan Stokhof, Le Vélo Victoria on Vimeo.


We think the heart of urban cycling is a desire to be part of a community, but not just of like-minded people, but a community that embraces freedom, values sleepy streets and local cafés where friends and family meet on weekends for get-togethers. It's about getting back to a slower time and pace... And so much more. 

Susan from Le Vélo Victoria

Providing elegant solutions for everyday cycling challenges. To read more take a look at Our Story

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  • Whitney Ryan

    Absolutely love this video, Susan! Your passion for what you do and your reasons for doing it come across so strongly. Authenticity FTW. :)

    Also, not related to urban cycling, but your hair is AMAZING. As someone with stick-straight hair, I’m majorly jealous of your curls!

    Also also, bringing sexy back to cycling…ha! Love that.

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