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Bike to Work week May 27 – June 2 | Part Deux

We haven't heard much from the Urban Riders during Bike to Work Week. How are you making out with your gear? Need a little something to make your ride a bit easier?  How about our Linus Satchel, it brings simplicity and functionality all to one place. This sturdy waxed canvas bag includes an inner padded sleeve to carry your laptop, a pocket large enough to hold a tablet and room for other essentials to get you through your day right. Market Bag:We love the rugged vintage look of the waxed canvas. It's perfect for urban transit; like the trip to the office, the market or a sleep over. Office bag: Attaches securely to the rear of rack of your bike, leather straps and brass...

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Bike to Work week – May 27 to June 2

Bike to work week is all about encouraging people to switch things up and start riding their bikes to work. If you already ride your bike religiously then take this opportunity to get some new riding and styling tips to make your already awesome trip that much easier. If you’re not riding your bike to work, out for coffee, to yoga or the gym, a picnic or out to dinner at friends then ask yourself why???? Obviously if you don’t have a bike then your first major hurdle is get your hands on a sweet ride. Once that is done the rest is history.   Click the title to read more on how to ride your bike dressed for your...

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Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!!

I just wanted to take moment to pay homage to my Mom and say "Happy Mother's Day" to her. She's so awesome and super supportive. In fact my Mom flew to Victoria to be at the Le Vélo launch party back in April; and she reads everything I write and is my biggest fan, how awesome is that! I won't be able to see her today, but I know the rest of my family is taking good care of her.  How will you spend your Mother's Day?

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