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Urban Cycling Magazine - Your Story


We're looking for your stories for the Urban Cycling Magazine: A Story for Change. Share your story and help others to feel confident on a bike by sharing your cycling journey. 

We are looking for article submissions for the next issues of our magazine and we want to hear your story. Your story should be no more than 1000 words. 

We are most interested in the non-spandex wearing cyclist. Sorry, we don't want to cancel anyone out but cycling has always been for sport here in Canada but, that's not how cycling began and we are desperately trying to show people that there are other ways to ride a bicycle; thanks for understanding! 


URBAN CYCLING MAGAZINE -Your story from Susan Stokhof, Le Vélo Victoria on Vimeo.

Please include 2 to 3 photos (more if you have them) of you and your bicycle. We only have two conditions for these photos; one, that they are high resolution, and that you are not wearing a helmet. You can have one in the photo, it that's the photo you have but we prefer that you not be wearing one, we won't show that in our magazine because we are showing the change we want to see.

We'd love to feature your story!
Contact us: hello@levelovictoria.co or just pop in a note in the comments section below this post!

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