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The bicycle has proven to be the best mode of transportation, not only is cycling an important part of our daily lives, cycling improves our mental and physical heath. People are rediscovering the bicycle and their childhood love for it, but not everyone is feeling confident with it. We want to help you ride more confidently. So ask us anything about the bicycle.

Susan Stokhof, Bicycle Mayor of Victoria  

The need for protected temporary bicycle lanes is greater now due to the reduction of public transit, frequency and capacity.

The bicycle will be the most important form of transport in the next few weeks, as it can be used by everyone. The role bicycles can play in maintaining transport resilience, as well as fitness and wellbeing cannot be understated. Temporary bicycle lanes are an indispensable part of the transportation ecosystem and contingency plan for the community. Cycling is a low-risk form of transport and can provide essential mobility, including last-mile deliveries for goods and services, as are currently being demonstrated in our streets. 

As the Bicycle Mayor of Victoria, I submitted a proposal urging Mayor, Lisa Helps and council, to set up protected temporary bicycle lanes to provide a safe space for people who aren’t as confident at cycling. Putting up temporary protected bicycle lanes is a good way to repurpose space for the most efficient mode of transportation, which is usually the bicycle. Cycling is a way to keep your mind and body healthy. These temporary bicycle lanes will allow people who continue to transport themselves daily, to do it by bicycle safely and comfortably.

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