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Bicycle Mayor FAQ

Q & A with Susan Stokhof, the Bicycle Mayor of Victoria

The City of Victoria is the latest addition to a growing network of cities around the globe to introduce a Bicycle Mayor. As of January 2019, Susan Stokhof is the new Bicycle Mayor of Victoria, and the first in Canada, joining the global movement whose goal is to inspire the next billion people to ride a bicycle.

Inspired by the City of Amsterdam, where people come first and cycling is an accepted form of transport and embraced at every level of government; has motivated Susan to continue with her mission as Bicycle Mayor to normalize cycling in a region where sport and recreation cycling is the norm. “I believe that cycling can touch people's lives in the most profound ways by the way we interact with each other and our environment”.

What do Bicycle Mayors do?

Bicycle Mayors are not activists but catalysts – we work with citizens and city stakeholders to ensure all voices are responded to. We try to develop positive relations between cycling organizations, residents, businesses and City Hall.

Bicycle Mayors listen to local needs and identify solutions to local problems and promote the many benefits of cycling to make these solutions become reality.

The exact role of the Bicycle Mayor will vary according to the local challenges and opportunities in that city.

Bicycle Mayors are dedicated and passionate leaders who represent the human face and voice of cycling locally while acting as a catalyst to accelerate the development of cycling worldwide. Bicycle Mayors share a common goal of having 50% of all city trips by bicycle by 2030 (we call it 50x30). They believe that the greatest goals require the boldest ideas, and we never wait for permission to change the world.

What is the Bicycle Mayor Program?

The Bicycle Mayor program is a global initiative to locally represent and accelerate the progress of cycling in cities. Together all the Bicycle Mayors from the Global Bicycle Mayor Network work together to show the momentum in the development of cycling.

Bicycle Mayors are the face and voice of cycling in a city. They are independent catalysts that show the economic, health and environmental benefits that cycling brings to their city. The Bicycle Mayor Program is supporting the 50x30 vision: 50% of city trips by bike in 2030.

How can Victoria benefit from having a Bicycle Mayor?

A Bicycle Mayor gives cycling a human face and a positive image. Which will help citizens to understand the future of cycling better. By joining the global Bicycle Mayor Network, our city will be part of a global network of change makers. 

All types of cities can benefit by introducing a Bicycle Mayor, both cities that are well developed in cycling as cities that are at the starting line. If we use Amsterdam or Copenhagen as an example, the Bicycle Mayor will have completely different issues than a Bicycle Mayor in a city without cycling infrastructure.

In a less developed cycling city the role of Bicycle Mayor is to be a bit more provocative to bring cycling higher on the agenda.  

For more detailed information on BYCS and the Bicycle Mayor program visit https://bycs.org/our-work/bicycle-mayors/

Media: please reach out to BicycleMayorYYJ@gmail.com