#StyleYourRide Raffle & Giveaway Contest

Jane from Victoria is the winner of our #StyleYourRide Raffle & Giveaway Contest
By Random draw on Oct. 30th

Congratulations Jane!!

 Enter and WIN! Get Free Initial Embossing + a FREE Leather Dress Clip + FREE subscription to our Urban Cycling eMagazine. All entries receive a free gift.

Raffle is for Betty, the Pink and Black Leather Pannier. This is the last Betty to be made, EVER.

#StyleYourRide Raffle and Giveaway with Le Velo Victoria


1) Enter our raffle by signing up! (at bottom of the page)
2) Include your Instagram handle to be entered into this Raffle & Giveaway.
3) You must be following us on Instagram @Le_Velo_Victoria and Hill & Ellis
Random draw will happen on Oct. 30th. Winner will be announced over Instagram @Le_Velo_Victoria  and Hill & Ellis

So here's the story; yes, this contest/raffle is a bit unorthodox & yes we're selling a pannier and we're asking you to buy it; but we're also giving away FREE STUFF! Why? Because it's the last pink & black pannier that we'll ever make.

The thing is, we know we'll sell the leather pannier because it's gorgeous; but the free gifts, they go away at the end of the week.
It's the last pink & black leather pannier that will ever be made and we wanted to have a bit of fun with it. So when she's gone, she's going FOREVER.
We think there is a special someone who would really ❤️ this pannier.
Everyone who enters receives a free gift of appreciation (and it's pretty sweet), but only one can buy. Buyer gets the mother load of the gifts.

Purchase the last pink & black Betty leather pannier and WIN!

Enter our raffle by signing up, at the bottom of this page & include your Instagram handle for a chance to be the lucky person to purchase the last ever Pink Betty! That's right, it's for purchase and it's the last one. The Betty will never be seen again and that's what makes her so special.

From Le Vélo Victoria you will get FREE
  • Leather dress clip, to hold your flirty skirt
  • Free subscription to our Urban Cycling eMagazine: A Story for Change
  • Initial embossing (up to four letters) so you can make your leather pannier completely unique to you and your initials can either be stamped in gold, silver or blind (without colour), from Hill & Ellis
Consider this an early Christmas gift, just for you. 
One person chosen, at random, to purchase the last Pink Betty Leather pannier! 


Receive a free Leather Dress Clip, to hold down your flirty skirt from Le Vélo Victoria.
#StyleYourRide Raffle and Giveaway with Le Velo Victoria
Receive free initial embossing for your leather pannier from Hill & Ellis. 

Comes with black shoulder strap + rain cover 

#StyleYourRide Raffle and Giveaway with Le Velo Victoria

We are partnering with our friends at Hill & Ellis to retire the gorgeous Betty, Pink & Black Leather pannier. This is the last one, FOREVER! Enter now to win the raffle before it's gone FOREVER. ENTER NOW!

#StyleYourRide Raffle & Giveaway