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      • Top 16 Myths on Urban Cycling

        Le Vélo in collaboration with GVCC and the CRD kicked off a speaker series aimed at examining how to transform Victoria into a world-class cycling city.

        In the first talk, Chris and Melissa Bruntlett of modacitylife.com present a fresh perspective a fresh perspective on cycling by highlighting the everyday act of pleasurable (and sustainable) mobility. Le Vélo and Olena Russell kicked off the event with our Top 16 Myths on Urban Cycling. 

        Lets dive in!

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      • Pop-up and As easy as riding a bike a Trans-form speakers series #1

        Presenting a fresh perspective on cycling, Chris and Melissa Bruntlett highlight the everyday act of pleasurable (and sustainable) mobility. Utility over speed, street clothes rather than lycra.

        Chris and Melissa will present how city riding can be simple, styling and fun. Be prepared to be wowed with #cyclechicfilms.

        Back in January we had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa for our "In Conversation with" series, a blog series of interviews with interesting people who ride bikes, check out the article here. July 11th is your opportunity to meet Melissa and Chris up close and personal. 

        We're also having a pop-up at the event! Check out our blow out sale! 

        Let's dive into the details of the event.

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