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4 Myths About Riding a Bicycle

Turning Cycling Myths Upside-down 

We want to see more people riding bikes. We understand that there are some barriers that stop people from giving it a try. Most riders here in Victoria wear rain gear and spandex while on bike. We are here to shake the common perception that this is how you dress while riding your bike and tell you that this is not your cycling uniform.

We want to help you dress for your destination, be it work, the coffee shop or out to dinner.  Did you know that in Amsterdam you will not find people wearing spandex and utilitarian rain gear on their bikes. And it's not because it doesn't rain there (in fact the climate in the Netherlands is very similar to here in Victoria) or that they have shorter bike commutes (in some cases they may cycle 10km or more to reach their destination) then we do. It's because cycling is a normal activity that millions partake in everyday and dressing for your destination is the only normal way to ride your bike. If it's good enough for the Dutch, then it's good enough for us. This is our quest, to normalize cycling in Victoria. 

Wear a dress, suit or your favourite skirt while you ride your bike. You will find out very quickly what works and what doesn't. Add your personal style while you ride. Want to see how we ride our bike in heals and a dress? Click here to view the video.

Now we want to turn some cycling myths upside down. We think these myth busting tips will get you out on your bikes and riding in style. 

Myth ① Cycling is just for sport. | Cycling is a normal activity that millions of people partake in everyday.

Myth ② Dressing for your destination isn’t possible. | Ride your way 

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Myth ③ You must wear unflattering rain gear to keep dry. | No spandex, no utilitarian rain gear just a brilliant fashionable and functional rain cape and the best part? Dress for your destination underneath. Or just wear your rain jacket, a little bit of rain won't melt us. 

Myth ④ You must ride everywhere like a speed demon while on bike. |  We are not cars and therefore should not try to cycle as fast as cars. Cycling should be relaxing and enjoyable. We're not in the Tour de France. Ride your way, not the spandex way. If your ride is under 8 km, dress for your destination, not the Tour de France. Enjoy the ride. 

Final parting thoughts...

Remember, you don't have to wear unflattering rain gear to ride your bike. Just about anything you have in your wardrobe will work on a bike.

Cycling isn't just for sport so you don't have to cycle to work like a speed demon. Take it easy, smell the roses, enjoy and have fun! 

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