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the perfect European bicycle accessory    is hard to come by

Just another lover of urban cycling. Susan, founder of Le Vélo Victoria, believes that you don't have to wear spandex when riding a bicycle because cycling isn't just for sport and in the beginning it never was.

We want to make cycling glamorous again so we've decided to bringing sexy back to cycling. We want to take you on a journey that begins with cycling normalcy, no spandex or funny gear. Watch our video and discover why Susan started Le Vélo Victoria.



Susan from Le Velo Victoria

See if you can find yourself in my story.
Arriving at work wearing unflattering rain pants was one embarrassment the second was the day I pulled them off and my jeans came down with them. Completely unimpressed, I realized that I needed more stylish, specialized solutions for accessories and apparel if I was going to make this work. The next day I started working on Le Vélo Victoria.

Drawing on my experience living in the Netherlands, I was so inspired by the cycling culture. The Dutch have embraced the bicycle as a regular part of daily life and they always dress for their destination and so, I was inspired to start Le Vélo Victoria

Owner of Le Velo Victoria

Our company was founded on the idea that cycling could be better, better in terms of the clothing & the accessories we use to help us move around the city in a more comfortable way.  

Le Vélo Victoria is for those who want to express their cycling fashion, it’s for those who have been searching for stylish, yet functional accessories and apparel that compliments their wardrobe, ride, and destination. 

Our LifeStyle Collection contains 5 portfolios that we crafted, based on speaking to people like you, to help our customers associate our products to their lifestyle.
We believe everyone is an individual and deserves to have their own cycle style. The portfolios we identified were not created to fit our customers into a certain niche, but to encourage them to find features of their style within the five-lifestyle portfolios and use it as a product and lifestyle guide. Whether you are a Sunday CruiserStreet ChicBold & AdventurousLifestyle Cyclist, or an Urban Rider it's about expressing the freedom you feel while riding a bike.
Getting to know Susan, owner behind Le Vélo Victoria


Is it really possible to look good while cycling? In Victoria, one local business says absolutely! Shaw TV's Nikki Ewanyshyn checks in Susan Stokhof from Le Vélo Victoria.


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