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Our focus is to spread the message of how cycling positively transforms cities. Don't you think it's time for your city to think beyond the automobile and join the cycling revolution!

Founder of Le Vélo Victoria

What if you could affect change in the neighbourhood you live in? What if your voice made a difference when planning a multi-modal city that could enhance the places you live, work and play that deeply impact your health and wellbeing?

I believe that cycling can touch people's lives in the most profound ways, by the way we interacting with each other and our environment.

"I'm just another lover of urban cycling." Susan Stokhof, social entrepreneur and founder of the trendy lifestyle brand Le Vélo Victoria. Susan believes that you don't have to wear spandex when riding a bicycle because cycling isn't just for sport and in the beginning, it never was.  

Tell me & I’ll FORGET - TEACH me & I’ll REMEMBER - Involve me and I’ll LEARN  ~ Benjamin Franklin 

Cycling brings connection, a basic human emotion we all crave. For me the bicycle represents everything that a livable city should be: free, safe, uncompromising and designed for living.

Returning from her studies abroad at the University of Amsterdam summer program, Planning the Cycling City, she was motivated, more than ever, to continue to fill gaps left by advocacy groups and the bicycle industry. 

Inspired by the City of Amsterdam, where cycling is an accepted form of transport and embraced at every level of government Susan is inspired to continue with her mission to normalize cycling in a region where sport and recreation cycling is the standard. “I’ve seen wonderland and the seen cannot be unseen.”

Promoting a multi-modal lifestyle means sharing the stories of people who benefit most from making communities more livable. This website is a vehicle we're using to inspire and excite and just one of ways we plan on moving forward on our objectives for making walking and cycling comfortable, fun and safe. 

The more people buy into the idea that cycling is just a normal everyday activity that millions partake in every single day, the more likely we are to build better bicycle infrastructure. We believe we need to be the change we want to see.

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Community building

Community building at Le Velo Victoria - Cycling in Holland Corne Bastiaansen

What happens to a society when they interact with one another everyday on their commute? What does pulling people out of the car bubble and into the street as cyclists & pedestrians do to a sense of community? The social consequences of a normalized cycling culture are far reaching. We think it builds trust and confidence and permeates every aspect of social life. 

FREEDOM & enjoyment

Cycling in Holland Corne Bastiaansen

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Our humble beginnings                                                   

Is it really possible to look good while cycling? In Victoria, one local business says absolutely! Shaw TV's Nikki Ewanyshyn checks in with Susan Stokhof from Le Vélo Victoria.


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