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Pop-ups - working with us

Other ways you can connect with us is through our pop-up events where we set up our boutique and show our products. A Pop-up is, by definition, a short term event in unexpected locations, where creative individuals display and sell their goods. Pop-up retail tends to pop-up unannounced, for short periods of time. 

A pop-up is one of our favourite ways of collaborating with local business. We bring shopping straight to you. We have found working with non-competing businesses with the same shopping demographic pairs well together in a pop-up situation, the symmetry that develops between the two businesses is beneficial for both parties. Working with a variety of local businesses we have held pop-ups in the Sea Cider House,  the Pedlar, Fol Epi Bakery, Victoria Wood Studio and the designHouse Salon to name a few. Outside of working with local businesses, we also hold pop-up shops in and around the city.  

We would love to work with you. Please contact our Customer Services Team for a calendar of our upcoming events or to invite us into your place of business.

Email: sales@levelovictoria.co

Phone: 250/857-0464