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Customer testimonial at le velo victoria for HappyRainydays rain capes and ponchos 

HappyRainyDays Rain cape Jessica, poncho available at le velo victoria


Gabe & Victoria on May 17, 2015 at the Le Vélo Victoria Pop-up, Victoria BC

On the right, Gabe trying on his DU/ER denim shorts. Gabe and Victoria came back to the pop-up to show how they ride in style. Off to a wedding via their bicycles! Fantastic! Thanks Gabe.

Bicycle Seat Cover Red Polka Dot at Le Vélo Victoria

Yulia on May 13, 2015 Victoria BC



I received my Logan Trunk bag in the mail last night and I was very excited strap it onto my bike for the ride in this morning!  I have been raving to everyone I know about your shop and amazing customer service (who sends hand-written cards? That’s amazing!).

Thanks again. I’m sure I will be placing more orders soon (I already have my eye on a few things). :)


Tiffany on March 31, 2015, Victoria BC

 Puppy Rides a Bike

Puppy rides a bike

" Susan,Thank you!  He LOVES it!! So do I (smile face)"

Jill on March 6th, 2015, Sidney, BC


Catherine on February 23rd, 2015, AB



Simple. Practical. Stylish

The Oopsmark Leather U-Lock Holster is a simple, practical and stylish accessory. Gone are the days of pedalling around with a heavy lock rattling around on your handlebars, cross bar, or in your basket. With the adjustment of two screws, it installs in minutes, mounting to your saddle, rear rack, or front basket. Then simply drop in your U-Lock, and ride away with one less thing to worry about! I'll be using mine for years to come! | Vancouver

 Oops Mark Leather U-lock available at Le Velo Victoria




Awesome functional purse!

This purse is super cute, deceptively large, and extremely functional. The mounting system is simple to use. The fabric is weather resistant and easy to wipe down when it gets dirty. The shoulder strap slides very smoothly. I absolutely love this little bag!

 Po Campo Pilsen Bungee feathers available at Le Velo Victoria

Po Campo Pilsen Bungee feathers available at Le Velo Victoria


“I ain't gonna stop the rain by complaining / Because I'm free / Nothing's bothering me." ‪#bikeYVR

Chris on Feb. 7th, 2015, Vancouver

Cape Lindy available at Le Velo Victoria


“The return of grey skies meant ‪@mbruntlett could try out her Xmas gift: A ‪@HappyRainyDays Cape from ‪@LeVelo_Victoria.” | Chris on Jan. 2nd, 2015, Vancouver

 Cape Lindy available at Le Velo Victoria


"Susan!!! You are so lovely! The cape arrived as promised, and everything is beautiful- the packaging with the Christmas theme, the felt pin, your card, and of course, the gorgeous cape. I will get you that photo as soon as humanly possible! Have a wonderful holiday!- x Holly on Dec. 24, 2014, Vancouver

HappyRainyDays Cape Pascale found at Le Vèlo Victoria


"Thanks very much for the excellent service thus far. Cheers. (Bobbin Pannier)"

David on Dec. 18, 2014, Nova Scotia



Susan, I will try to remember to take a photo when I am next on my bike with the rain cape. I love the colour already.” | Marian on Dec. 18, 2014, Victoria

HappyRainyDays Cape Jessica found at Le Vèlo Victoria


Hi Susan, I am happy to have received our package already!” 

Melissa on November 2014, Vancouver


Customer review of Cape Britt, HappyRainyDays available at Le Velo VictoriaKristy on Nov 25, 2014, Victoria



"Bike Pretty @BikePretty @LeVelo_Victoria The Navy-Magenta circles cape is so cute!"

Melissa on November 2014, San Francisco

HappyRainyDays Cape Lindy available at Le Velo Victoria


 Me and My Azor:

"I got the Bobbin Pannier this week and have been loving it more and more with every use. The Bobbin Pannier not only makes your bike stylish (as proven in the images below), but it makes you look stylish when you get off your bike. I got my Bobbin Pannier from Le Velo Victoria, a must visit when shopping for unique bicycle clothing and accessories online in Canada. This bag is completely functional, it hooks on to a variety of sized rear carriers with an easy to use mounting system. The bag goes on and comes off with little to no effort. You can also swivel the mounting system so it does not hook onto your clothes or anything else while carrying it. The pannier has a retro look that is really cool. It also has an air of professionalism about it, I almost feel like I am carrying a briefcase, which is probably due to its slender and sturdy build."  

Customer photo of Bobbin Pannier available at Le Velo Victoria

In this post I would like to acknowledge that I have had an amazing experience shopping at Le Velo. Online shopping can be a very impersonal transaction, but not with Le Velo. I received a very friendly e-mail notifying me that my item had shipped, that they appreciated my business and that they would love to see pictures. When my pannier arrived there was a handwritten thank you card, a brooch and two business cards waiting for me as well. I have ordered a few things from Le Velo and have received the same level of awesome service every time. I ordered my House of Talents basket from them and I was not sure that it was functional (sturdy) enough for me to use on a day to day basis. When I commute to work I carry a lot of stuff with me, including my super heavy Abus lock. I e-mailed them about possibly returning it, in the end I decided to keep it for recreational use only (for Sunday rides) and they gave me a $35 gift certificate just because and thanked me for keeping the item. I think that great business like that needs to be acknowledged!http://meandmyazor.weebly.com/blog/fashion-friday-the-bobbin-pannier review - Le Velo

You can read the full article here:  


 Happy Customer Le Vélo Victoria

Happy Customer Le Vélo Victoria

September 20, 2014: Pop-up Shop


“Just got this gorgeous Bobbin Pannier from @levelo_Victoria. So far it is absolutely amazing.“ Catherine @Me_and_My_Azor, on September, 2014

Customer photo of the Bobbin Pannier, available at Le Velo


 Hello Susan,
You have so many lovely things in you store and I have to admit I am absolutely giddy about locating you right her in my backyard. We are big cyclists at our house but no spandex please, hahaha. I have a beautiful racing green Pashley, affectionately named, Penelope Pashey or Penny for short. 
I would be very interested in seeing the Linus Sand Roll-up Panniers. I currently have some giant Basil canvas and leather ones on Penny, but they are rather large and often get in the way at bike racks and such. I would also be interested in looking at the garters, I have admired them on Etsy but have always wanted to see them in person. I imagine we will become well acquainted in the future, as I think one of those rear crates and rain capes are in my future...
Crystal on August 6, 2014, Sidney


Susan, Thank you very much; I am very excited about the Bobbin pannier.  Robyn loves hers and I know I'm going to love mine just as much!” | Sharon on July 30, 2014, Saskatchewan

Bobbin Pannier available at Le Velo Victoria


 Merino Wool Tunic available at Le Velo Victoria

Zosha on July 26, 2014, Victoria - new merino wool tunic


Received my lovely pannier safe and sound. It’s HUGE isn’t it? Can’t wait to pop it on my bike.“ | Erin on July 17th, 2014, Vancouver

 Bobbin Pannier available at Le Velo Victoria


 Hannah, Po Campo Weekender on July 2014, Victoria

Po Campo Weekender from Le Velo Victoria


Hi Susan, thanks again for the great bag for my bike.  I have been riding daily, and the bag is almost always on the bike.  I have received many compliments, and have sent people your way.

Basil Cross Body Bag from Le Velo Victoria

Ari on July 9, 2014 Victoria


 “Hi Susan, The cape arrived today.  Perfect timing... as it is to rain tomorrow in Calgary!” | Robyn on June 4th, 2014, Calgary 


Shopping with Le Velo was such a pleasure the first time, I'm sure this won't be my last order. I took a couple photographs of my pannier that I thought I would share with you. Feel free to post to your Facebook, website or wherever!” | Catherine on June 2014, Saskatchewan

HappyRainyDays Pannier from Le Velo Victoria


Thanks very much Susan.  I received my Carryall yesterday (Tuesday) - speedy service!  I love it.   I can’t wait to try it on my bike.  Thanks very much for the card and extras. Sincerely,” |Robyn on May 21, 2014, Calgary

 Guilden Carry-all available at Le Velo Victoria

Ooo! Ooo! @bobbinbicycles straw panniers available for pre-order on @LeVelo_Victoria! Cue the panic typing. http://t.co/U3cvfmXxhI” Erin (@erinehm) on April 28, 2014, Vancouver


 Bidon au vin available at le velo victoria

Customer photo on January 12, 2014, Oxford England


Hotelfietsbel available at Le Velo Victoria 

Kurt with the Hotelfietsbel on January 12, 2014, Ontario



 Gerry with his new Hotelfietsbel, Victoria TweedRide, on September 29, 2013, Victoria

Brass Hotelfietsbel available at Le Velo Victoria


 Linus Sac from at Le Velo VictoriaLinus Sac from at Le Velo Victoria

Victoria on September 28, 2013, Victoria BC


 “Love my @bobbinbicycles straw pannier from @LeVelo_Victoria! Makes delivering goodies to my friends a breeze :) pic.twitter.com/6B6kPvYcBP| Anita on (@anitakarran) September 28, 2013, Toronto


 Linda on August 2013, Calgary AB

House of Talents Bicycle Basket available at Le Velo Victoria


 House of Talents bicycle basket available at Le Velo

Customer photo on October 15, 2013, Ontario


 HappyRainyDays Rain Cape Available at Le Velo Victoria

Victoria in her HappyRainyDays Rain Cape on October 7, 2013, Victoria


@LeVelo_Victoria thank you for letting me know, great customer service :)” | Anita (@anitakarran) August 2, 2013, Toronto

Bobbin Pannier available at Le Velo Victoria




Nicole on August, 2013, Victoria


Hello! I took a few pictures of the crate that I bought from you for my husband. He loves it, it fits on his Soma bike well and he can load it up with various items. Happy riding! (in the snow?)
Bicycle Crate at Le Velo Victoria Bicycle Crate at Le Velo Victoria
Victoria on February 23, 2014, Victoria, BC