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Happy Cities, Inviting Spaces Story Submission Form

Happy Cities, Inviting Spaces is a bicycle-themed storytelling event where guest speakers share positive, personal, and inspiring stories in front of a live audience. This is the first in a series we'll be hosting in 2020 and we're looking for our first round of storytellers. Do you have a great story you would like to tell?

Happy Cities, Inviting Spaces event

We believe that cycling can touch people's lives in the most profound ways, by the way we interact with each other and our environment and this is the joy we want to share in our community. Our mission is to change the way people feel about people who ride bikes, one story at a time. We hope you can find yourself in this event? 

Please take some time to tell us more about you and your story in the form below.

All stories submitted should meet these basic criteria:

  • Positive: while every good story involves a challenge or struggle, the story should generally be positive and have a happy ending. Avoid discussing things like politics, collisions, bike theft, etc.
  • Personal: the best stories are as personal as possible. We want to hear about what you did, rather than your organization’s objectives or your opinions.
  • Cycling-related: cycling does not need to be the central theme of the story, but should be involved at some point.

Not interested in sharing your story but would like to be notified of events? Just provide your name and email address below and say 'sign me up!'

To read more about Happy Cities, Inviting Places and to see if you can find yourself getting behind this event you can read more here.

All submissions will be reviewed, and we'll be in contact if we would like to host you. If you have any other questions please reach out to HappyCitiesInvitingSpaces

Please answer as many of the following questions as you can in the form below. 

  1. Tell us about the story you'd like to share. Remember: stories should be as personal as possible, and generally positive.
  2. What makes you and your story unique?
  3. Do you have any issues with speaking in front of large crowds? Tell us how many people you would feel most comfortable speaking with?
  4. Do you require any special accommodations?
  5. And lastly, tell us a bit about yourself.
HAPPY CITIES, INVITING SPACES events will be photographed and recorded. If you speak at an event, photos and recordings of you and your story will be used in media publications including videos, blog posts, newsletters, interviews, and press releases. Please acknowledge that you are comfortable with this and indicated so in the form.
Happy Cities, Inviting Spaces event