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PCCAMS Planning the Cycling City Alumni

Cycling Freedom Three inspiring weeks spent at the University of Amsterdam summer program Planning the Cycling City. Unpacking a mature cycling city and all that makes Amsterdam tick.Thank you Jules for making this inspiring video! Inspiration from Planning the Cycling City #PCCAMS2018

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NOMONRO Dress Clip video - how to

The NOMONRO Dress Clip is a worldwide unique fashion accessory that you can use to keep your outfit in check. From a fly-away dress when cycling, scarves with a mind of their own, loose-hanging iPodwires and stray sunglasses. But of course, the NOMONRO Dress Clip is also great to wear as an eye-catching accessory on you jacket or jumper. Enless variations are possible and you can tag any outfit. DRESS, CLIP and TAG your way! 

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