Welcome to the offical site of the Bicycle Mayor of Victoria

For the cycling chic Mama; all the gifts that will make her day.

Lets celebrate the new and help make Mother's day a fun filled, sun-soaked day, full of moments that will stay with her forever.

Here you will find all of Mom's favourites...

To help Mom get around the city on her bike looking oh so chic, how about our lovely vintage style Bobin Straw Pannier, it's cleverly disguised as a beautiful shoulder bag. Roomy enough to fit everything she'll need from her handbag or laptop to her baby's essentials and easily clips to her bicycle rear rack. The best part, it looks great!

For the expectant mom we have a sweet Baby on Board DringDring Bell. There's nothing like the strong, clear sound of a well made bell to announce her presence to the world. 

For something different and a great shopping experience we have a the Basil Pet Carrier to take the favoured pooch everywhere she goes.


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