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Le Vélo had been featured in Victoria Select Magazine!


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"Cars are so yesterday," says the Le Vélo website. Because our four-wheeled companions are – well, for the most part – brutish when it comes to environmental impact and operating costs, Susan Stokhof, Le Vélo's owner/operator, says it's time for our two-wheeled 'plan B' to become elegant again.

Many Victorians are already opting to ride. While the Colwood Crawl is crawling, the Galloping Goose is galloping – alive with the metal-on-metal sounds of pedal power. But do you really want to arrive at work or a lunch meeting or a farmers' market or anywhere, for that matter, in padded spandex, a Tour de France replica T-shirt and helmet hair?

Susan says it's possible to arrive "destination ready" when you ride. "If you commute or travel less than 10 kilometres, you don't need to wear exercise gear." Susan admits that when she first started riding to work, she was 'active wear' head to toe. But wearing exercise gear is part of the reson why bike riders arrive at their desintations a sweaty mess.

Truth is, yes – you're getting exercise riding your bike, but you're not "working out," you're commuting. It's not a race, "slow down," Susan says. Choose clothing that's functional and stylish and simply enjoy the journey.

For more information about Le Vélo's elegant solutions for everyday cycling challenges, visit www.LeVeloVictoria.co or drop in on a Le Vélo pop-up shop at various times and locations throughout #YYJ.

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